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Poem: And This One's For You

and this one's for you
by Dementis

i want someone - not just anyone -
but every time i fall for you,
my knuckles clench to white.

my heartstrings are tangled in you
and i worry;
but there ain't no use sitting and fretting
if you don't even know it.

i've got nothing worth giving;
no potions or magic carpet,
no gold, no money, no nerve.
no brave new world or
promised land.

my gift is my song, sang Elton John,
and this one's for you:

i'm like the wind, like i'm immortal,
when i can catch a sideways glance
of your brilliant diamond smile,
rare as it may be.

but when you're in your silent-treatment
heartbreak moods and feeling down,
i'm clipped at the knees,
and left,
and leaving.

you're robotic, and
i don't speak binary code.
(i have feelings too.)

so take all i've got, the drink in my hand,
the fight in my heart,
the something-there that's there no more.
patch me up with a smile
only to shoot me down again.

(i'll take a cup of kindness,
and i hope you drown in it.)

yes, my heart is still breathing -
but barely.
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