Carissa (fantasy_of_life) wrote in expositions,

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The Disappeared

Time moves fast here. Every minute is over before it even begins. People walk by in blazes of colors and sounds, never slowing down long enough to notice any distinguishing features. There are no windows; no uses them anymore. There’s no time to look outside; there’s work to be done, places to be, money to be made. Florescent lights are enough to see by, better even then the sun; that way when you’re working you don’t notice the passing of time. People haven’t seen the night sky in years, too busy living. Sleep doesn’t exist; caffeine is no longer a drug, but life itself. People doze for a few minutes every now and then, but only enough to keep living. Life spans have shortened, but it doesn’t matter when your constantly moving. There’s no time to think about death, no time even to think about life; you just move. Go where your feet take you. Do the job you were told to do. Don’t sit down to eat; convenience food only. Eat as your moving, never stop. If you do stop, you might notice something is wrong, something is missing; you might notice your not really living. They say those that do stop go insane and disappear forever; maybe that’s why everyone keeps moving. So you just live as you were told to. Children are made in test tubes; there’s no time to get pregnant, but the species has to be continued somehow. From the moment you’re born your taught to keep moving; always rocking, eating, being changed, only put down so you can learn to crawl, and once you learn to walk, you never stop. Sure, there’s a high infant death rate, but that’s all part of science. If all the infants survived, the world would be too overpopulated anyways. So everyone keeps going, keeps moving, colors and sounds, never seeing the ones that disappeared. But the disappeared see them. There’s not many left, most people die before they stop moving, but those that survive live to see generations. They watch from the outside, in horror and agony, unable to remember how they ever lived that way. They sleep when the sun sets, and awake every morning as it rises. They ponder life and death; they have learned of sorrow and happiness. Stopping had been the forbidden fruit, and with it came the knowledge of all thing good and evil. They get to watch as the world is destroyed, unable to stop it, but finally able to live.
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