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Written Expressions

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Poem: And This One's For You [26 Jan 2011|06:38pm]

and this one's for you
by Dementis

i hope you don't mind, i hope you don't mind, i hope you don't mindCollapse )
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Poem: The Wings of Icarus Were Never Meant to Fly So High [17 Jan 2011|04:13pm]

the wings of icarus
by Dementis

i never thought you'd reach the sunCollapse )
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Poem: Dust Bowls Make It Hard To Breathe [15 Jan 2011|07:58pm]

dust bowls make it hard to breathe
by Dementis

she had a heart too big for god to watch over anymoreCollapse )
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The things I can't do for you: [04 Nov 2010|07:21pm]

One day, the boy asks:Collapse )
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[28 Jan 2010|09:09pm]

and she dreams of being loved
By Dementis

There's a girl. Then there was you.Collapse )
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The Return Of The Bunny - He's More Rabid Than Ever... [05 Oct 2009|05:00pm]

I know that probably no one is going to see this because it has literally been over a year since I posted anything, but it's worth the effort.

I am starting a literary blog on LJ, and it is only for invited friends.  It will contain the ongoing content of a large historical fiction project I've been working on for almost two years.

If anyone on my friends list, or from any community who has read anything of mine they liked in the past, just reply to this post and let me know if you'd like access to the Literary Journal.  It is untitled yet, but within the day, the page, and its title, will be up for all to start checking out.  So, if you're interested, let me know so I can add you to the allowed readers list.

I hope to see many of you old familiar friends, and plenty of new ones!
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friends [27 Sep 2009|06:17pm]


Name: Rebekah or Becky

Age: 26

Date of Birth: Dec 13

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Location: Lorain-North Ridgeville, Ohio

Occupation: Writer

Hair: Red and black, but I am always changing it

Eyes: Blue-green

Ethnicity: White

Language: English

Marital Status: Complicated

Looking for: Friends, pen-pals

Tattoos/Piercings: None

Religion: Spiritual: Pagan & New Age

Do you want LJ friends? Yes

Do you want Snail mail pen-pals? Yes

About me (basics): What do you want to know? I am reliable as I am everyone shoulder to cry on. I am an open book. Message me and ask more.

I love writing and plan to publish all of my writings if possible.

I love to spoil my friends.

I love traveling, hiking, and going for walks.

I am a huge movie buff as I enjoy a good comedy or horror.

I am intelligent, humorous (more of a dry humor), understanding romantic, creative, and a kid at heart.

Hobbies: Writing: novel, blogs, poetry; Painting, Traveling, Cooking, Baking, Hiking, Music, Watching movies

Music: Hanson, Nickelback, Godsmack, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Metallica, POD, Wednesday13, Pink Floyd, Evanscence, Deep Purple, Pink, Katy Perry, Type O Negative, The Fray, Howie Day, Linkin’ Park, Oldies, Motown, Evanescence, Boyz II Men, Dance music

Books: I am currently reading “Queen of the Damned” in the Vampire Chronicle series by Anne Rice. I also like anything by Stephen King

TV: House, Top Chef: New York, Married with Children, Boy Meets World, Family Guy, Simpsons, Iron Chef

Movies: The Saw Series, Dirty Dancing, Spiderman 3, Get over it, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Rose Red, Interview with a Vampire, The Shinning, and mostly comedies and horror



I am very interested into numerology, tarot, astrology, palm readings, and anything else in the New Age and Pagan experience.


I am always interested in making friends with similar interests.




Writing Notes: I have been easily distracted lately and I have had writer's block. I am working on the rewriting process of my first novel (It is book one out of seven). I have a really hard time ending my writings, but starting them is pretty easy once I get inspired. I am just looking for others where I can discuss my writing problems and possibly exchange tips/ advice etc.

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coments, suggestions, and critiques welcomed!!! [17 Sep 2009|08:37am]

The Disappeared

Time moves fast here. Every minute is over before it even begins. People walk by in blazes of colors and sounds, never slowing down long enough to notice any distinguishing features. There are no windows; no uses them anymore. There’s no time to look outside; there’s work to be done, places to be, money to be made. Florescent lights are enough to see by, better even then the sun; that way when you’re working you don’t notice the passing of time. People haven’t seen the night sky in years, too busy living. Sleep doesn’t exist; caffeine is no longer a drug, but life itself. People doze for a few minutes every now and then, but only enough to keep living. Life spans have shortened, but it doesn’t matter when your constantly moving. There’s no time to think about death, no time even to think about life; you just move. Go where your feet take you. Do the job you were told to do. Don’t sit down to eat; convenience food only. Eat as your moving, never stop. If you do stop, you might notice something is wrong, something is missing; you might notice your not really living. They say those that do stop go insane and disappear forever; maybe that’s why everyone keeps moving. So you just live as you were told to. Children are made in test tubes; there’s no time to get pregnant, but the species has to be continued somehow. From the moment you’re born your taught to keep moving; always rocking, eating, being changed, only put down so you can learn to crawl, and once you learn to walk, you never stop. Sure, there’s a high infant death rate, but that’s all part of science. If all the infants survived, the world would be too overpopulated anyways. So everyone keeps going, keeps moving, colors and sounds, never seeing the ones that disappeared. But the disappeared see them. There’s not many left, most people die before they stop moving, but those that survive live to see generations. They watch from the outside, in horror and agony, unable to remember how they ever lived that way. They sleep when the sun sets, and awake every morning as it rises. They ponder life and death; they have learned of sorrow and happiness. Stopping had been the forbidden fruit, and with it came the knowledge of all thing good and evil. They get to watch as the world is destroyed, unable to stop it, but finally able to live.
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Follow Me - I Know The Way [19 Nov 2008|08:08pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I have been silent for awhile.  Now I’m back, and am bringing with me a whole new blog.  If you ever found anything I’ve written in the past even mildly interesting, then I would be happy to have you follow me to the new blog:


I hope you make the trip.

This is the only time I will post on LJ again, and obviously the last time I x-post anything.  The new blog will be daily as much as possible, so I'd love to see all of you regularly.
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What If God Was Cooler Than The Preacher? [21 Sep 2008|01:45pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

Today, I went to church, the way I do most Sundays.  I am not your typical Bible thumping home schooled whackjob, but I do get a bit f spiritual support somehow from the ritual.  It is often more aggravating than helpful, though.  Today was one of those really aggravating ones where I wished the Hand of God would stretch down, rip off the roof of our pristine little church building and start flicking the parishioners over the next county like a child flicks popcorn into the front row at a bad movie.

It didn't happen, but I continue to have hope ;)


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I'd Like To Axe You A Question [19 Sep 2008|01:19pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I got an interesting comment on my LJ yesterday in regard to this post.  I liked alot of the things she had to say.  In addition to her thoughts on the topic, she had a list of good questions.  i have asked those who read my blogs to pose questions to help me explore my values, opinions, ideals and beliefs.  Hers are a great start, but now I have a dilema.


Thank you to everybody who has been a regular reader, I appreciate your comments and ideas.  I will try to raise my literary game to continue to earn your loyalty and your help in this is always great!

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The Meaning of Life [17 Sep 2008|02:06pm]

Sunday I posted about how my beliefs either change over time, or become further cemented into my mind. I asked if anyone wanted to know what I thought of various things, and I promised to answer it today. So, here is the answer to "wierdauntie" and her question about life's purpose.


If anyone else has any other questions, or topics they would like to get my take on, feel free to ask. I will post my answers by Sunday.
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Well, That's Debatable!!!! [14 Sep 2008|03:05pm]

[ mood | irritated ]

I was sitting at the computer, next to me on the couch was one roommate watching a football game in a mildly interested state. The other roommate sat next to her screaming, pounding his fist and constantly recapping the game to us verbaly as we watched it. I really hate that. So, it inspired me to write this:


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The Daves of Summer [12 Sep 2008|11:11am]

[ mood | blah ]

Ok - here it is, the last update from the "Summer of Dave" series. Now i can get back to my normal posts, and i will try my hardest to post more often. Any suggestions?


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More on Last Summer [01 Sep 2008|11:58am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

I'm trying hard to finish the recounting of this summer's adventures, so here's the second to last post about it. Then I can get back to more interesting writing, so you all don't have to be so bored. Sorry about this.


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New Installment! [01 Sep 2008|08:35am]

[ mood | discontent ]

Ok, here it is, the next instalment in the Summer of Dave Series. I apologize to those who just want the whole story, but it seemed that even more of you wanted it to be brokeninto segments. I am about to write the last segment tomorrow, so then it will all be out there. I hope you'll all let me know if I've bored you with this shit.

Here are the links to the first three segments

Part 3: http://wanderinghome.wordpress.com/2008/09/01/the-summer-of-dave-part-3/

Part 2: http://wanderinghome.wordpress.com/2008/08/27/the-summer-of-dave-part-2/

Part 1: http://wanderinghome.wordpress.com/2008/08/23/the-summer-of-dave-part-1/

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The Summer of Dave, Part 2 [27 Aug 2008|10:31am]

[ mood | nauseated ]

Sorry it took so long, but at long last there is now a second part to the recap of this summer's craziness. There is more to come, but I continue to break things up so none of you is bored into a catatonic state.


Also, if any of you remembers when I talked about a project idea about rewriting the Bible in its entirety (in my own particularly irrevrant way) I am still considering that idea, and am ready to start posting entries by Friday. It will probably be a post a day for that project, and I will put it on a different blog dedicated to the project. So, if anyone has any questions or comments let me know. I'd love to hear what you all think.


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The Summer of Dave, Part 1 [23 Aug 2008|08:56am]

[ mood | creative ]

I have started to do a recap of the last four months' events. I decided to break up the text into several posts so that none of you loses focus or consciousness from reading a long ass entry. I know how you people are ;)


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The Return Of The Bunny! [16 Aug 2008|10:50am]

[ mood | artistic ]

I am back!!!

I posted a brief and sort of disjointed entry on my other blog just a few minutes ago. I'm finally in a place and time where I can return to blogging and writing regularly. I hope that all my veteran readers are willing to come back to my wonderland of words and stupid observations, but if not, bite me :)


Let me know if you want to see me write more literary stuff like stories and poems again, or if you would rather me fill you in on the last four months.

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[02 Jul 2008|11:17pm]

Just a short piece.

Confusion and love in stream of thought format. AKA, how to reach a decision, the long way.

As always, comments/criticisms are like chocolate cheesecake: you can never have too much. And much appreciated, of course.

Just a short piece.

Confusion and love in stream of thought format. AKA, how to reach a decision, the long way.

As always, comments/criticisms are like chocolate cheesecake: you can never have too much. And much appreciated, of course.

Over and over again,

It's like an unending circle of confusion and dread and nights spent hoping in vain and daydreams that would be more aptly labelled delusions. God, I'm tired. I like you, I like you not, I like you, I like you not, I like you, I like you notIlikeyouIlikeyouIlikeyouIlikeyouIlikeyouIthinkImaylikeyou


I think I like you again, (sorry). I think you're a much better person than I realized (sorry I thought otherwise) (sorry I wanted you to be a horrible person so I could just shake off all my excess feelings and put all the blame on you) I know you don't like me. (no matter how hard I wish.) I know you don't want me to like you (but I can't help it) (but it's your fault for pulling me back in everytime.) I was so sure I was over liking you (I couldn't be over you because I never had you, not even the lititlest piece of you)

It's ouroboros because I'm wrong and you're right but somehow I still can't give up I can never give up and I'm sorry and please stop me and sometimes I want to cry because I want you so much, even just a little piece of you to be mine in hand but I know that's not how it works. That you would never like a person like me and you should never like a person like me and I would never want you to like a person like me and I don't deserve you and I'll never deserve you because everyone was right, you're such a good person, a real person, a person who tries to save the world even though you know it's impossible and I stopped ten steps short of impossible and you are so beyond my reach and the thing that hurts most is that even if my wildest dreams come true, it wouldn't come true because I'm making the wrong wish, my selfish wish, my skewed world, making you into something you are not because I want you so much but I can't work to get you because I can't even take the first step towards you and I'm nothing compared to you and that scares me so much, that scares this pit of nothingness, this whirlpool of despair and useless emotions so much that I have to twist possibly one of the most wonderful people I've ever met into something that you're not, into something you're not so that things are easier. Easier. Easier. Easiereasiereasiereasiereasier because that's all my life is, has become, a mess of tangled decisions that only scream of ease and not of heart or conviction or good. I don't measure up, could never measure up and still I can't tear my eyes away from you because you are the first person I've met that is everything that I wish I was and even if the impossible happened, don't you see, you already see, I already know: it's still impossible. Even if the impossible happened, the rest would still be impossible, and a miracle is a miracle is a miracle, but it won't last forever, no, it's only once only one wish that the genie'll grant, and that's not enough, that's never enough.

I half love you I half like you I half hate you I half know you I wish but I won't wish for you, can't wish for you anymore

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