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Ink Stains...

of Unspoken Words.

Written Expressions
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Expositions is a community for writers to unite and share their writing. Anything from poetry to short stories- variety is encouraged. The purpose of expositions is for writers to feel like they're being heard, and to get encouragement from other writers. The hope being that everyone can grow off one another, and we can help eachother succeed to take writing one step further, by getting a feel of unique styles, which mark each individual writer. All that is asked will be that when members make their first post that they introduce themselves with a few questions so that we can get to know all of the members. Here are a few questions that are asked of members to answer in the introductory post:

Who would you consider one of the most talented writers/poets?

Did someone inspire you to begin writing? Who?

What sort of writing do you enjoy doing the most?

What are you looking for in joining expositions?

Share with us one of your favorite pieces you have written so that we can get the feel of your writing style.

Expositions is not a rating community. Feedback is appropriate, but putdowns and insults are unacceptable. If you don't happen to like someone's writing please use constructive criticism only to avoid any unecessary conflict and to ensure everyone has a positive experience.
Thank you!