....Um... (nevernoworafter) wrote in expositions,

The things I can't do for you:

One day, the boy asks;
What do you see in me,
Why has your love lasted,
When did you realize,
And what are you going to do now?

And you love him,
this boy,
Your first and lasting love,
The kind that you dreamt
Into reality from fairytales,
From love songs,
From the movies,
The kind of love that you once doubted existed.
This is the boy you feel it for,

And so you answer:
I see what you see in her,
The way you love her whole self,
And yes,
You might love her smile,
The way she bites the corner of her lips,
Her sense of humor,
But really what you love is the whole thing,
And it wouldn’t be the same,
Not nearly the same at all,
If it was some stranger telling her jokes,
Smiling her smiles,
And the same is true for me,
I see the whole person,
The you that’s sitting across from me,
The you who’s in love with her,
The you who has always been on the edge of my vision.

She answers:
It has lasted because you’re where you’ve always been,
In front of me,
Because the person that you are has not changed,
And because no other person has come to entice me away,
The way she drew you in.

She answers:
I knew the moment I knew you,
So maybe the moment you introduced yourself,
Or the time we trespassed the empty field behind the high school,
The piggyback ride,
The cloud gazing on a clear day,
There’s a catalog of moments,
But it was probably the day
You solidified your presence in my eyes.

She answers:
I will love you,
In my own way,
Until someone comes along,
And we share a million shining moments,
Memories that make an empty name
Into a flesh and blood person,
Into a fixture,
A solid presence I can feel
Even a mile away,
Until some other person monopolizes my thoughts.
I will love you until then.
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